Hadley Forensic Engineering Associates, PLLC


Engineers and Consultants                                        Partial List

Robert S. Beadle, PE- Senior Principal Engineer (Electrical)

Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer with over nineteen years of experience in commercial, utility, cellular/telecommunications and institutional project design work.  Also experienced in field studies and investigations associated with NEC code compliance grounding generator failure, lightning damage, and meter/loss compensation.



Ronald Bittler, PE - Senior Principal Engineer (Structural & Civil)

Over twelve years of engineering experience in structural design and building frame analysis.  Design projects and failure analysis assignments have included residential, institutional and commercial building, highways, bridges, and other special structures. Also experienced in field engineering inspection and investigation, diagnostic experience and complete remedial repair design.


Gerald O. Davis, PE - Principal Metallurgist (Metallurgy)

More than thirty years of engineering experience and education in materials and corrosion engineering plus mechanical engineering areas.  Graduate education in metallurgy and corrosion, in addition to business administration, with undergraduate education in mechanical engineering.  Experienced in a variety of functions including applied corrosion research, metallic materials engineering and failure analysis, process plant project and reliability engineering and first level management for diverse employees.


Mark J. Keith, PE - Senior Principal Engineer (Electrical)

Over thirty years in electrical and electronic design and failure analysis.  Specializes in the areas of electrical and electronic hardware design, fire investigation, product testing, failure analysis, surge analysis, telecom and data communications, industrial automation and controls, embedded processor design, and high speed circuit design in both analog and digital systems.  Familiar with IEC EMC/EMI/RFI sandals, compliance and testing.


Jeffery A. Hadley, PE, CFEI - Senior Principal Engineer (Civil, Mechanical & Industrial)

Multi-state Licensed Professional Engineer with over twenty-five years of design, manufacturing, and production and forensic investigation experience in civil, mechanical, industrial and material science engineering.  Master's of Science degree focused in mechanical and industrial engineering, with a minor in Business Administration. Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with concentration on structural and geotechnical engineering.  Professional experience includes mechanical, electrical, structural, geotechnical, material sciences, quality analysis/control and process/production optimization related design and operational issues.  Extensive experience with FDA and local, state, and federal regulatory agency coordination and code regulation compliance.  Frequently called on to analyze production, process and system failures and resolutions involving food, beverage, and material handling equipment, and civil/structural/construction engineering projects for both domestic and international clients.  Project engineering and management of various "Greenfield" Plants, processing lines/systems and expansion projects throughout North America and Europe.  International management of technical, operation and business resources.


Douglas W. McCall, PE - Senior Principal Engineer (Mechanical)

Licensed Professional Engineer in Florida with over seventeen years of engineering expertise.  Core discipline in fluid systems/process systems engineering for both non-compressible and compressible fluids.  Fields of experience include water/wastewater treatment, solid waste, maritime and jet/rocket propulsion.  Extensive engineering from design through construction and inspection, from small to large capital projects. Specifics include fluid dynamics/hydraulics, pipe networks, transmission lines, pumping systems, tankage (up to 5 MG), valving, etc.  Other areas of expertise include substantial hands-on experience with electrical/controls, high/low voltage, panel systems, PLC automation, sensors and wiring. More recent clientele with direct engineering analysis and design of projects involving finite element analysis, high temperature gas bleed systems, steel structures/machine design and piping systems involving some cryogenics.


James E. Welter, Lt Col USAF (ret), PE, CFEI - Senior Principal Engineer (Civil & Electrical)

Licensed Professional Engineer with over twenty-five years of domestic and international experience in planning, design, construction management, facility operations, maintenance, damage assessment, research and development, and forensic investigation.  Engineer responsible for all types of facilities and infrastructure from air bases to four diamond luxury resorts.  Holds a Master's of Science in Civil Engineering focused on structures and geotechnical engineering. Undergraduate education includes Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  Decorate combat veteran and commander with over twenty years of service in the US Air Force engineering career field.  Five years experience in the hospitality industry as a chief engineer with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and board member of the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association's Engineers Council.  Breadth of experience in disaster planning and recovery serving as On Scene Commander, Fire Marshall, and Resort Hurricane Coordinator through a host of contingencies.  Worked with local, state, FEMA, and foreign governments of disaster assessment and recovery operations in North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, and the Middle East.