Hadley Forensic Engineering Associates, PLLC


About Us

Hadley Forensic Engineering AssociatesPLLC is committed to investigating and reconstructing the sequence of events in a case.  We document all evidence while gathering data related to the materials, products, structures or components that failed. Through on site inspections, collecting and securing evidence, developing models, researching industry standards and performing experiments, our forensic engineers determine the facts of what happened and why. We provide independent, clear and timely conclusions and prompt reports. 


Our forensic engineers are licensed in the following states:

             Alabama                                        Kentucky                                    North Carolina

             Connecticut                                    Louisiana                                    Ohio

          Delaware                                       Maryland                                     Pennsylvania

          Florida                                           Mississippi                                 South Carolina

          Georgia                                         New Hampshire                          Tennessee

          Indiana                                           New York                                   Virginia


Jeffery A. Hadley, President and Senior Principal Engineer, of HFEA is a Licensed Professional Engineer with over twenty-five years of domestic and international experience in civil, mechanical, industrial and systems engineering and is a Nationally Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (NCFEI). Special qualifications include:


  • Graduate and undergraduate engineering degrees focused on Civil, Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mathematics and Business
  • International systems and equipment commissioning and failure analysis/troubleshooting
  • Commercial and Production Equipment development, design and prototyping
  • Construction, Foundations and Structural designs and analysis
  • Water/Moisture Intrusion and Mold Causations
  • Fire Cause & Origin determination
  • Electrical and Systems Controls development, design and troubleshooting
  • Product and materials defect analysis
  • Patent infringement technical evaluations for both US and International Patents
  • Failure Mode Engineering Analysis (FMEA)
  • Advance Computer Analysis, Design and 3-D Modeling
  • Finite-Element-Modeling of design performance and failure analysis
  • Establishment, implementation and maintaining of various quality and analysis programs, including Statistical Process Control, ISO 9000, Six Sigma and 5S
  • FDA and Federal Government regulatory compliance/standards